***** New updates released in Google Play Store for our learning series I Can Do That! *****

New Update!
Our new multi-purpose app KIT: Keep In Touch.

I Am Feeling is a great tool to express how you are feeling or to know how someone else is feeling!

New updates to our FREE Xylophone app!  Complete with recording and playback!

Draw is a fun little doodle app and part of our I Can Do That learning series!

Check out our FREE app Hard Target!  How long can you avoid the red balls & keep the game going?

Hard Target Valentines is a fun twist on our popular game Hard Target!

Letters teaches children how to say & draw letters and they can also save them!

Numbers teaches children how to say & draw numbers starting from 1-25!

Shapes teaches children how to say & draw shapes! New color screen & more space!

Colors has a new look! Mini color activities coming in next update!